LFS-113 Low Flow Sampling Pump (5-200 ml/min) Five Pump Kit (ATEX) - Basic, NiMH battery
LFS-113 Low Flow Sampling Pump (5-200 ml/min) Five Pump Kit (ATEX) - Basic, NiMH battery

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"It was good to have the air sampler for the full week because it allowed us to have a look at a few different, key areas. Thanks again James for all of your help. You and William have both been great and there has not been a time when we have not felt as though we could reach out to either of you for support or general queries."

Jane Buttery, James M Brown Ltd

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Product Code: 910/0302/02

LFS-113 Low Flow Sampling Pump (5-200 ml/min) Five Pump Kit (ATEX) - Basic, NiMH battery

The LFS-113 is a unique, lightweight and compact low flow air sampling pump.

LFS-113 was designed for flow rates between 1 cc/min and 350 cc/min and is perfect for very low flow applications sampling with sorbent tubes.

The compact size and light weight of this pump allow it to easily fit inside a shirt pocket and carry out its sampling duties whilst being unobtrusive.

The Gilian LFS-113 low flow sampler is the most powerful and reliable pocket sized personal air sampler available today. The LFS_113 offers two sampling modes selectable by the user. The constant flow control mode holds the flow within 5% of the set flow while the multi-flow (constant pressure control) mode allows multiple samples to be taken simultaneously. No other pocket-sized pump matches the wide flow range and high back-pressure capability of the LFS-113.

LFS-113 is now available with a memory-free NiMH battery.


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ATEX is the name commonly given to the two European Directives for controlling explosive atmospheres.

ATEX certification ensures that equipment is fit for use within explosive atmospheres and is supplied with adequate information to ensure it can be used safely.

For more information visit: hse.gov.uk/fireandexplosion/atex.htm