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Product Code: QT-36/6

QT-36 WBGT with Work/Rest and Stay Time Indication

The Quest Temp series are used by Industry and Military worldwide, including NATO, to protect against high core body temperature and internal heat damage to vital organs. These instruments are selected because of their portability, accuracy and reliability.

Heat Stress prevention demands accurate measurement and analysis of heat stress in the workplace. Designed for ease of use, the QT-36 is extremely rugged with IP54 rated protection for water and dust ingress.

The QT-36 measures and displays Dry Bulb, Wet Bulb and Globe temperatures. A separate Relative Humidity sensor is also built in to provide RH measurements. Wet Bulb Globe Temperature, WBGT Index is calculated and displayed. Both, WBGT in and WBGT out, in-door and out-door, is displayed on the QT-36.

The instrument is available with a 2 inch or 6 inch diameter black globe in accordance with BS EN 27243. An optional, Air Probe is available to provide measurement of air velocity. The measured data is used to calculate, display and data log work/rest regimes. Thermal comfort indices PPD and PMV are also calculated in accordance with ISO standards. Data Logging is built into the QT-36. Logging frequency is programmable from 1/min up to 1/hour. This allows 10 days or months of logging at 1/hour.

Power is supplied from a 9 volt disposable battery giving 140 hours operation. Alternatively NiMH rechargeable battery operation is available giving 300 hours operation before re-charge is needed. Mains power can also be provided for continuous, 24/7 operation.The QT-36 is ATEX approved, for use in areas where explosive gas may be present.

The option to measure 'Head-Torso-Ankle weighted average WBGT' is achieved with optional plug-in tri-sensor assemblies. These plug-in assemblies can also be used to provide measurement at three locations with extension cables. Data is viewed on the centrally located instrument.

As well as WBGT measurement the QT-36 indicates Heat Index and Humidex measurements.


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ATEX is the name commonly given to the two European Directives for controlling explosive atmospheres.

ATEX certification ensures that equipment is fit for use within explosive atmospheres and is supplied with adequate information to ensure it can be used safely.

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