Area Gas Detection Monitoring

Across many applications and industries, area and boundary gas monitoring is vital for health and safety in measuring exposure for local residential areas or businesses.

In construction, including brownfield and remediation work, many sites will be expected to measure gases emitted from contaminated sites to ensure sites boundary limits set by either the Environmental Agency and/or local authorities are not exceeded.

The gases in question include VOCs, H2S, NH3, CO2, CO and many more. Those required to take gas measurements at the boundary of a site will be asked to record data and provide reports to the local authorities on either a weekly or monthly basis.
Traditional methods of boundary sampling can range from passive samplers to real time area gas detectors, both of which have their own challenges.
Thankfully, with advances in technology, the days of having to go onto a wet and windy site to download data are a thing of the past. As wireless gas detection continues to develop, data can now be accessed and downloaded from the comfort of an office or even home, via online platforms.
With features such as SMS and email alerts, real time review and fault alarms, the benefits of wireless gas detection are very clear. Remote access also eliminates risks such as leaving monitors on site boundaries for long periods of time, not realising that the power has been cut off or the unit was
not set up correctly to record data.
Wireless detection allows users to submit data to the required authorities on a regular basis with ease. Other important information, such as calibration certificates, alert logs and data logs can all also be downloaded as PDF or CSV files, simplifying the whole reporting process and storing all related data in one place, ready to access as and when required.
Having access to fixed power on site for items such as area monitors can be a luxury. However, much progress has also been made on battery life and the latest solar and leisure batteries all make reliable site power much easier to manage.
Many of the above wireless monitoring features are have been specifically designed to reduce time and cost. They certainly aid current site management in terms of simplified, efficient and accurate monitoring and reporting.
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