COVID-19 Shawcity Company Update

Health & Safety never stops…and we’re right here when you need us

Shawcity is a key supplier to many businesses including organisations across the Critical National Infrastructure, so rest assured we are fully operational as we ease out of lockdown restrictions.

We have some staff working in the office and our service centre and all other members of the team are available as normal, just working from home. So it's business as usual. Our whole team is now being offered twice weekly COVID tests with the Test & Trace scheme, so we know we are doing our best to protect our staff and customers where our team are having to make site visits.

Every business is now on the road to full capacity again but some have found the last year difficult. Please never feel like you could cut corners in terms of your detection and monitoring to save money if there is a concern or problem.If you find yourself in a situation where you are worried about the financial cost, we’re here to help and can discuss plenty of options.


Please also remember our impartial advice is always free and unlimited so don’t hesitate to get in touch: or call 01793 780622.

Some useful information:

Customer Support:

  • Our expert technical team is available to provide free, unlimited support: or Tel: 01793 780622.


Service and Hires:



  • We can arrange delivery and collection to any work or home address in the UK
  • If customers don't have access to a printer, our courier can also supply the required labels
  • All shipments are sanitised on arrival and again on dispatch.



We hope you, your colleagues and your families all remain in good health.


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