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Shawcity offers a range of technology which can help businesses and medical organisations to function more efficiently and protect their workforces more effectively during the pandemic:

Pfizer Vaccine Storage - CO2 Monitoring

Please note: This article was originally published with some incorrect information regarding CO2, which has since been updated.

As large-scale distribution of the Pfizer vaccine continues, the vaccine itself must be stored below -70◦C and kept in sealed containers. Dry ice will be used to preserve the temperature-sensitive vaccine whilst in transportation and storage, which can be a very serious hazard in a small, confined space that is not well-ventilated. As dry ice melts it turns into carbon dioxide gas, which can create dangerous levels of CO2 in the local atmosphere.

CO2 is classed as a 'substance hazardous to health' and there are HSE workplace exposure limits (WELs) in place for it, which are the limits to airborne concentrations of hazardous substances in the workplace. As the concentration of CO2 in air rises it can cause headaches, dizziness, confusion, loss of consciousness and can present an immediate threat to life through asphyxiation when it displaces the oxygen in air down to dangerously low levels.



Safety Monitors for Dry Ice Vaccination Sites and Transportation

Shawcity offers portable gas detectors for workers handling and transporting dry ice, particularly in confined spaces such as vehicles, shipping containers, vaccination distribution centres and vaccine manufacturing. Advanced technology, long life sensors and batteries allow the detectors to continuously monitor for traces of CO2.

Our fixed gas detectors are suitable for shipping sites, hospitals and dry ice storage facilities. Once installed, the fixed detectors will continuously monitor the atmosphere and alert workers when CO2 limits are breached.

Ethanol/Ethylene Oxide Exposure and WEL

As a result of ethanol being used during the testing of COVID samples, as well as ethylene oxide from medical sterilisation and cleaning, the NHS and other medical bodies have found themselves needing to monitor VOCs in their COVID testing centres, laboratories and work areas.

These VOCs are usually fast-evaporating alcohols which have workplace exposure limits (WELs) that need to be monitored. Not only potentially toxic, they can also pose an explosive risk in high enough doses.

How to Measure Volatile Organic Compounds

Effective measurement can be achieved by using a PID device, which is designed to alert those present to unsafe levels. These PIDs are also being used in areas where large amounts of hand-sanitiser are being used regularly and which contain VOCS that could also exceed safe exposure limits. Shawcity has supplied a number of ready-to-use, handheld Tiger PID devices for this purpose to the NHS, to help keep vital key workers safe.

Monitoring Air Quality in the Workplace The six-channel TSI BlueSkyTM air quality monitor is a key new innovation as it offers simultaneous measurement of PM1, PM2.5, PM4 and PM10 mass concentrations as well as temperature and relative humidity – all in real time and for a low cost.

Designed for indoor or outdoor use, BlueSkyTM is a laser-based optical particle counter, ideal for monitoring air quality and counting particulate in any workplace, industrial or manufacturing facilities. Lightweight and compact, the monitor is easy to install on a desk or wall-mounted in any area of concern.


An Internet of Things (IoT) device, BlueSkyTM offers data interfacing using WiFi and comes with a standard micro-SD memory card for duplicate storage. Cloud-based and ultra-localised, monitors work individually or a network of multiple units can be deployed to show trends and hotspots.

NEW QuantiFit2 Offers Truly Portable Fit Testing

The new QuantiFit2 from OHD is the latest version of the revolutionary quantitative mask-fit tester, which uses patented controlled negative pressure (CNP) technology and is packed with improved features and benefits.

Fit Test Anywhere

QuantiFit2 now has a rechargeable battery with more than four hours of active run time, meaning complete freedom in terms of fit testing location for the first time ever. Uniquely, the unit can be used literally anywhere for minimal interruption to working routines - indoors or outdoors. With Bluetooth capability and unlimited storage, the system processes test data efficiently for downloads and reporting.

Outdoor testing means much better ventilation and easier social distancing. With the new autostart feature and a colour LED screen showing animations of steps in the process, test subjects reduce contact while easily following on-screen directions. This makes multiple simultaneous fit tests a reality via one PC, speeding up the test process. The test sequence itself adheres to the HSE protocol referenced in INDG 479.



Low Maintenance Fit Testing Without Consumables

Unlike other technologies, QuantiFit2 does not require strict test environment conditions or consumables such as alcohol solutions, wicks and probes, keeping cost of ownership and maintenance costs low. Ready to use in under two minutes, the practical usability of the unit is second to none.

With much face fit testing still to be undertaken during the pandemic and elsewhere to protect workers - along with a shift towards to more sustainable half- and full-face masks - QuantiFit2 is the best solution for COVID fit testing reusable masks.



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