NEW Five Year Oxygen Sensors from City Technology

Our new, five year long-life oxygen sensors now deliver unrivalled longevity and stability for the life of your instrument.

Shawcity, strategic channel partner for City Technology, now offers the new 4OxLL and 5OxLL sensors, which deliver ultra-stable performance and reliability, in even the most extreme environmental conditions.

In industrial safety environments you need an oxygen sensor capable of working as hard and as long as your instrument. Although many sensors claim to offer long-life performance, the reality is that most fall short on this promise.

As a market leader in the design and manufacture of gas sensors, City Technology is a pioneer in new technologies that improve performance and lower the total cost of ownership. The new long life oxygen sensor is no exception, delivering unrivalled longevity and stability over a five year life.

Any type of field failure is a considerable cost and a potential risk to safety. By providing a single sensor for the full life of the instrument, the long life oxygen sensor provides you with incremental value by reducing sensor replacement. The extended lifetime and warranty also reduces cost of ownership over the life of the instrument.

Oxygen Pump Technology

The new long life oxygen sensors are designed using field proven oxygen pump technology, which significantly reduces field failures and extends the life of the sensor by removing the life limiting consumable anode. The ability to perform flawlessly in changing temperature and humidity has a dramatic effect on reducing downtime, sensor replacement and maintenance requirements. To watch a video detailing the components of the 4OxLL sensor, click here.


Intelligent Design

Performance is a result of design. City’s technical experts developed the new oxygen sensor using FEM modelling which was used to simulate the distribution of oxygen within the sensor under a range of environmental conditions. It predicts key performance parameters such as sensor output, start-up characteristics and transient response to step changes in oxygen concentration.

The ability to predict the sensor’s performance and understand how it performs in different environments ensures the development of the most stable and repeatable sensors


Accelerated Life Testing

As well as using modelling tools to simulate real life conditions, it is important to test critical life safety components under field conditions. City has carried out Accelerated Life Tests to validate performance and monitor what happens over the sensor’s extended life.

Just like our commitment to delivering pioneering technological innovation, these processes are backed up by the highest level of quality control in City’s manufacturing facilities. This ensures guaranteed repeatability, providing a solution you can depend on time and time again.


Superior Stability & Reliability:

5 year minimum operational life – to match instrument life

Best in class performance in environmental extremes

Fastest response and recovery times

Superior stability - less than 5% drift over operational life

Accelerated Life Testing provides confidence in performance.


Designed to be used in instruments complying with the following standards:



AS/NZS 4641.

For further information, contact the Sensors Team at Shawcity on Tel: 01367 899420 or email:


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