NEW TSI SidePak AM520 & AM520i Personal Aerosol Monitor

TSI have just launched their brand new SidePak AM520 & AM520i Personal Aerosol Monitor and Shawcity are delighted to be able to take orders with immediate effect. The AM520 is the industry's smallest, portable, battery-operated, datalogging, light-scattering laser photometer that provides immediate access to aerosol mass concentration readings within a worker's breathing zone.    

The new model replaces the popular AM510 and has been redesigned to incorporate new, additional features designed to speed up data analysis and enhance worker protection. These include:

- Real time measurements
- New inlet conditioners
- Audible and visible alarms
- Instrinsic safety rating
- High capacity battery
- Colour OLED display.

Traditionally, gravimetric reference samplers collect a sample on a cartridge over an eight hour period. The sample is then sent off to a laboratory for analysis and the user must wait a number of days for the results to be sent back. Now the AM520 can offer you real time measurements and instant data, with no delay while waiting to get results back from the lab. This allows quick evaluation of worker exposure and the ability to make instant changes. The overall cost is less than an analytical instrument as there are no replacement parts to buy or laboratory analysis to pay for.

The new inlet conditioners allow the instrument to function at higher aerosol mass concentrations for longer periods of time and mean it can provide an accurate size fraction cut point through the full shift without overloading.

The new audible and visible alarms have been introduced in response to customer requests. Typical feedback has been: 'I want my workers to know when aerosol exposure is high so they can leave the gas monitors.' The new AM520 includes a 95dBA audible alarm, flashing LEDs and screen background, general alarm versus STEL alarm setting and alarm ringback delay.

With an intrinsically-safe model now also available - the AM520i - the SidePak offers protection over an even wider range of applications.

The AM520 also offers a high capacity, smart battery system with a 20 hour charged life which displays minutes or hours of run time.The battery can be charged separately from the instrument and has troubleshooting capability to identify issues including battery too hot or too cold to charge. 

The full colour OLED screen has improved visibility for bright light and low-light conditions and offers a familiar user interface, similar to that of the AM510. The background also changes colour for alarm warnings and activation.

Click here to view the full product details. 

For further information and to place an order for the SidePak AM520 or AM520i, please contact our friendly team on: Tel 01367 899553 or email:

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