Are you ready to re-open after lockdown?


Following the latest government announcements, many businesses will be returning, or planning a return, to work within social distancing guidelines. The majority of workplaces now permitted to re-open have health and safety and environmental monitoring as key considerations.
To ensure the workplace is safe for employees to return, assessments may be needed for various potential risks including gas build-up, air quality, noise, accumulation of dust, cleaning and ventilation.
The Shawcity team is available now to help businesses to deliver site re-openings following shutdowns to help ensure they are fully compliant, especially with the relatively short notice permitting them to open their doors to employees again. Speed will be of the essence.
Shawcity site visits and surveys are now possible, within government guidelines, as well as video calls, phone or email conversations. 
Another consideration is that many companies may have closed their operations in a time frame which didn’t allow for a complete switch-off or hibernation of all monitoring devices. This may result in instruments not being in a ‘ready to use’ state.
Depending on the range within a fleet, an instrument restart checklist might include:
- Battery check
- Boot-up and bump test
- Calibration and service due dates check
- Spares and accessories stock check
- Hires for specific restart tasks
- Training requirements to cover any temporarily reduced staff numbers.
Consideration will also need to be given to lead times for any equipment that needs to be ordered.
During shutdown there is also a real probability that some fixed gas detection systems will not have been maintained, calibrated or serviced according to schedule. While this won't prevent the system from working, the accuracy of the system may be compromised or some key element may need updating or replacing, such as a gas sensor. This could potentially affect the system’s ability to detect the gas/es it's looking for.
In this situation a simple bump test using a calibration gas with a known concentration will demonstrate that the system is operational until an engineer can conduct a full inspection.
Our team is ready to help any organisation seeking advice on how to re-open effectively and avoid any unnecessary or costly delays which could put your business at a disadvantage.
Contact us via the following details for further information and to start the conversation:
01367 899419


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