Shawcity announces new partnership for 2017 with Blackline Safety and their game-changing G7

Shawcity is very pleased to announce the latest addition to our gas detection portfolio, the Blackline Safety G7. After nearly two years in development in response to customer feedback, Blackline’s new system is a world first intrinsically safe – a work-anywhere, global employee safety monitoring system with total detection capacity.

Blackline Safety is one of the world's leading safety development companies, with personnel who have already delivered some of the most advanced solutions in communications, location technology and gas detection over the last thirty years. 

Highly configurable for every organisation, the G7 warns both the user and live monitoring personnel of environmental exposure risks to both toxic and explosive gases. G7 is a true ‘Internet of Things’ tool with wireless communications and location technology to empower real-time emergency response and evacuation management.

With North American intrinsic safety certification, the G7 is ready to bring connected safety to the industrial world. The intrinsic certification offers an industry-first solution for gas detection in municipality, utility, water/water waste, chemical, energy and many other sectors.

Traditional gas detectors work in isolation and only alert the worker of imminent danger. Now, with G7, a team of responders is alerted in real time if an employee hasn’t moved for a specific period of time and can pinpoint their exact location.

With the responders also receiving the gas concentration data readings from the worker’s G7, any rescue can be undertaken with pre-entry knowledge of conditions and risks in the area.

Two-way voice communication enables monitoring personnel to speak directly with the employee through a built-in, industrial grade speakerphone. G7 uses a combination of assisted GPS and proprietary indoor location technology to display a fallen or injured employee’s exact location on an interactive map, enabling monitoring personnel to direct responses quickly and accurately.

The G7 is the first device anywhere that works straight out of the box to:

Automatically detect when someone is not moving, either from a fall, accident or health incident so that help can be immediately deployed.

Empower evacuations with mass notifications by speakerphone or text message, while accounting for the location of every employee through to emergency assembly point.

Support customisation using interchangeable gas sensor cartridges with a choice of single or multiple gases (hydrogen sulphide, oxygen, combustible gases, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and ammonia).

The G7 is available in three models:

G7c Standard

  • Ideal for monitoring all personnel, lone workers and actively managing evacuations.
  • Functionality includes:
  • Always-connected 2G/3G wireless
  • GPS and indoor location technology
  • Automatic incident detection
  • Manual safety triggers
  • Two-way voice and text message communications.
  • Certified Intrinsically Safe North America with a Class 1, Division 1, Groups A, B, C and D rating. 


G7c Single-gas and G7c Quad-gas:

  • All of the Standard model functionality 
  • Your choice of LEL, O2, H2S, CO, NH3 or CO2 gas sensors as either single or four gas options. 
Click here to see the G7 series datasheet. 


All three models are now available from Shawcity. For further information contact us on Tel: 01367 899553 or email:



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