Your Intrinsically Safe Toolkit from Shawcity

Intrinsic safety has for a long time been a recognised term in gas detection, however, in line with expanding requirements affordable IS technology is now available for other detection applications.

In the occupational hygiene arena, intrinsic safety and ATEX approval has often been difficult; to measure a specific criteria such as noise or air quality you would require a hot works permit and be provided with a gas monitor (usually 4-gas) for the duration of the monitoring. However, with the latest technologies available from Shawcity you can now measure what you need when you need to with Intrinsically Safe sound level meters, noise dosimeters and direct reading dust monitors, as well as gas monitors.

The SE-401 series of IS sound level meter offers a revolutionary Class One capability unavailable in any other instrument and noise dosimeters such as the SV 104IS have octave band measurement and voice comment and noise recording capabilities.

The newest addition to our range of direct reading dust monitors is the AM520i, which can give a direct particulate reading in IS environments for all the parameters you need from Total Dust, PM10, PM2.5 and even PM1. Using the impactors provided you can now direct-read particulates in environments previously unmeasurable with these technologies. With these latest developments, the working occupational hygienist can now measure, record and interpret data live, even in the most arduous environments.

Gas detection technology has also taken a huge leap. A standard 4-gas monitor for confined spaces has long been a requirement in a Zoned environment but the big draw back has always been battery life. However the latest instruments such as the Clip4 from Honeywell and the MGC Simple from Gas Clip Technologies, which can provide a two year battery life – no charging required. Simply turn them on and in two years dispose of them; with a six-monthly calibration and a regular bump test you can be assured your instruments are always ready when you are.

We are all constantly seeing new technologies merge together to develop something new. For example, your mobile phone is now a phone, a messaging device, a camera, a pocket computer and more. The same is true of the gas detection industry technology and the latest communication and personal GPS location developments have now come together in the form of the G7 series from Blackline Safety.

The modular G7 series is a ground-breaking, true ‘Internet of Things’ device and offers gas detection alongside two-way messaging and speakerphone, man down alarms, motion detection and GPS location tracking, all transmitted back to a remote base to provide whole environment monitoring anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day. If an alarm activate the issue is immediately and accurately diagnosed and the exact location pinpointed for instant response. The G7 is the most revolutionary technology available in the safety industry today and will be available from Shawcity in early 2017.

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