Welcome to the Shawcity Service Department

Welcome to the Service Department at Shawcity. In this section you will find all the information you need regarding the servicing, calibration, repairs and maintenance of your instruments.

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If you would like to discuss your requirements further or book a calibration, service or repair, please don't hesitate to email us at: serviceadmin@shawcity.co.uk or call: 01367 899553.



Does calibration/servicing affect the stored data/memory on my instrument?


In every event, we would always recommend downloading your data before sending your instrument to us for your total peace of mind. Please bear in mind that if your instrument requires a repair or firmware upgrade - or worse, is beyond repair - we cannot guarantee data will be available to download from the device. Shawcity will not be liable for any loss of data on an instrument sent to our service centre.

How can I work while my instrument is in for calibration/service?


We offer a wide range of instruments which we can arrange to hire to you while your instrument is with us. We will arrange for you to have the hire instrument before you send yours in and you can return the hire after you have received your instrument back from us, meaning no down time for you.

How do I send my instrument?


Firstly, download our service and calibration form from our website and fill in all of the details. Then package your instrument securely, remembering to include the completed form with it. Please also email a copy of the form to serviceadmin@shawcity.co.uk.

If it has one, please send it in the manufacturer’s carry case it came with. If this is not available, please use plenty of packaging materials to ensure it is well protected during transit. Shawcity will not be liable for any accidental damage caused to equipment during transit.


i) Please ensure all leads, chargers, probes and other accessories are also packed when you send your instrument. This allows us to check for any faults with these parts as well as the instrument itself.

ii) If you are sending a gas monitor, please ensure gas cylinders are removed prior to sending it as shipping gas requires a special service and incurs extra costs.

Then either:

A) You Send It and We’ll Return It

Arrange to send your instrument to us using your own courier service and we will send it back to you using ours. Cost £10.00 + VAT for UK mainland and Northern Ireland. For more than one instrument please contact us for a price.


B) We’ll Collect It and Return It

Contact us to arrange for our courier service to collect it from you and we will also send it back to you. Cost £20.00 + VAT for UK mainland and Northern Ireland. For more than one instrument please contact us for a price.

How much will it cost and how long will it take?


The cost of calibrating and servicing instruments varies according to how complex the instrument and procedure involved is. Calibration prices start from £30.

We always endeavour to dispatch your instrument back to you within five working days of receiving it (excluding weekends and bank holidays) except where faults are detected or repairs are necessary. If there are any delaying factors, such as discovering a fault or the need to order replacement parts, we will let you know what turnaround you can expect and when we should be able to return it to you.

If you have a more urgent requirement for a service or calibration, please contact our Service Team on Tel: 01367 899554 or email: serviceadmin@shawcity.co.uk and we will try our best to accommodate your request. Please  note there may be a premium charged for this service but we will, of course, discuss all of your options with you  before you proceed. 

How often do I need to calibrate my instrument/s?


Most instruments should be calibrated and serviced once a year, regardless of how often they are used. Some instruments will have different requirements, but either we or the manufacturer will be able to advise you of any exceptions.

Other circumstances which may mean your instrument needs a calibration in between annual checks include drops or heavy knocks, an electrical surge, moisture, long exposure to extreme temperatures or if you suspect the readings may not be correct or consistent.

A certificate is issued each time your instrument is factory calibrated. When this expires it will need to be done again, regardless of how much it has been used in the interim. Shawcity will send you calibration and/or service reminders to help you ensure your instrument is always compliant and performing at its best.

What happens if my instrument fails calibration?


If we are able to repair it, we will contact you and ask you to authorise a full inspection. The fee for this inspection is £75. A quote will be prepared for the work needed, including the cost of spares required.

If you wish to proceed with the repair, we will ask you for a PO to authorise the work and the calibration fee. Your £75 inspection fee will be waived.

If you decide not to have the instrument repaired or we are unable to repair it, it will be sent back to you and the inspection fee will be charged along with a £10 carriage fee.

What is calibration?

A: Calibration is the process of checking and testing that an instrument is giving correct and accurate readings.

Why do I need to service and factory calibrate my equipment?


In between calibrations the performance and accuracy of your instrument can change. This can be down to various factors including damage from knocks or drops, a sudden surge of electricity, moisture or long exposure to extreme temperatures. Consequently, small changes can occur and the instrument’s readings may not be accurate.

Regular calibration will ensure your instrument gives correct readings. This is vital in terms of accuracy and safety when using the instrument and is essential to ensure its use is compliant with health and safety legislation.

It is important that you have your instrument serviced and factory calibrated by a trained service engineer who is authorised by the manufacturer. If not, you may find that your product warranty is voided or the service will not be deemed valid and performance not guaranteed, should you have any issues with the use of the instrument.

Why should I use Shawcity?


Good question! Our calibration, service and repair work is undertaken by our manufacturer-trained and approved technicians. Our service options are also UKAS and ATEX certified, meaning you can be assured any work undertaken is with the full authority of the manufacturer and within the terms of your warranty. You’d be surprised how many service centres are not manufacturer-approved, which can invalidate the warranty on your instrument.

For servicing and repairs our technicians will thoroughly inspect and test your instrument and will even clean it for you before returning it to you. Any work that needs to be undertaken on the device will always be approved by you first, so you are always in control.

We also sell and hire a wide range of instruments as well as provide training, so we offer all-round expert knowledge and total support, as well as more than forty years of experience as industry specialists.