HAVi Watch Manager Pack - Basic Level
HAVi Watch Manager Pack - Basic Level
HAVi Watch Manager Pack - Basic Level
HAVi Watch Manager Pack - Basic Level
HAVi Watch Manager Pack - Basic Level
HAVi Watch Manager Pack - Basic Level
HAVi Watch Manager Pack - Basic Level
HAVi Watch Manager Pack - Basic Level
HAVi Watch Manager Pack - Basic Level


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Product Code: HMW06

HAVi Watch Manager Pack - Basic Level

Basic Level Includes:

  • 2 HAVi Watch
  • 6 HAVi
  • 6 HD Kit
  • 1 Poster Pack
  • 12 Safety Card
  • 1 HAVi Presenter
  • HaVi Total Lite

Smartwatch technology with Bluetooth connectivity offering fully-automated exposure data recording and uploading to HAVi-Total. The HAVi Watch is the most technologically advanced aid making HAV risk management simple for tool operators, site supervisors and management. Simple to use, versatile and accurate.

HAVi have emerged as the leading supplier of equipment and services to measure, control and manage risk and exposure to HAV. Categorically, the HAVi Watch has taken risk control to the next level and has set a new standard.


A HAVi watch will be used on a specific task and is tested to ensure it is able to synchronise with every tool to be used on the task. All relevant details, instruction, reminders and other pertinent information will be available to the operator via the HAVi watch. The watch is checked out to the specific operator.


The operator presses the button on the side and holds it close to the HAVi meter fixed to the tool. The watch is then synchronised to the tool and the operator is ready to start work safely. Regardless of layers of PPE the watch will be fully functional.

Continuity / Versatility

When the first task is completed and another tool is required, the operator simply synchronises the watch again and is ready to continue. It knows the HSE points it is counting are to be allocated to the same user so the work continues with minimum time wasting.


At the end of the day (or nominated period) the data collected by the watch can be transferred to a mobile device via Bluetooth and then securely hosted using cloud technology if required.

Assessment and Analysis

Producing reports and analysis of the data is easy, as hard copies, automated emails or viewing online. Exposure data for tools, individuals or general trends can easily be generated in clear detail.

The features and benefits are:

  • Vibration and flashing warning signals with the option for personalised exposure levels.
  • It can be worn in whatever fashion best suits the job
  • Induction Charging, no exposed connectors (fully sealed design)
  • No docking stations required
  • Works can continue without interruption
  • Operators can work autonomously for extended periods
  • Delivers key notifications to end users (e.g. Health Surveillance Appointments)
  • Multi-screen displays offer a broad spectrum of information
  • Data is stored and downloaded when required / convenient via Bluetooth
  • The HAVi Watch can be used in the toughest environments
  • Backlit screen for dim light or night time working
  • The watch measures only the trigger time of the tool
  • The HAVi Watch is the only device to incorporate these diverse features. 


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ATEX is the name commonly given to the two European Directives for controlling explosive atmospheres.

ATEX certification ensures that equipment is fit for use within explosive atmospheres and is supplied with adequate information to ensure it can be used safely.

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